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The meter is designed for measurement and registration of active and reactive energy,  the instantaneous power values, voltage and current through each of the phases, and multi tariff metering in three-phase AC 50 Hz networks.

Electric meter connection through external current transformers

The meter meets the requirements of the Technical Regulations legally regulated measuring instruments.

Meter properties:

  • pulse output, optical port, RS-485 interface and PLC communication channel for remote data transmission

  • electricity metering in case of violation of connection rules

  • immunity from magnetic and electric fields

  • indication of the effect of magnetic fields and radio fields

  • connection violation indication

  • availability of load control relay

  • ability to use in automated control systems and electricity metering


Name of parameterValue
Accuracy class, active (reactive) energy1.0 (2.0)
Rated voltage(Ur),V3х220/380 (3х230/400)
Rated frequency, Hz50
Rated (maximum) current, А5 (50, 60, 80, 100, 120)
Sensitivity threshold, А0,0125
Power consumed by the meter for each phase, not more than, W2,0
Constant, imp./kWh8000
Protection degree according to ДСТУ EN 60529IP54
Operating temperature range, °Сfrom – 40 to + 70
Dimensions, mm243х185х85
Weight, kg2,0
Verification period, y10
Service life, y24
Warranty period, y3
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