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We provide milling work on CNC machines.

Milling is the process on CNC machine, a type of material processing (metal, plastic, etc.) by acting on it with a rotating tool under computerized numerical control.

The cost of work on CNC machines depends on the degree of complexity of the order for milling work, and on the complexity of the tool.

To determine the cost of an order, please provide a technical assignment to email:  merydian.kiev.ua  or send spare parts to us for production. Our technologists will calculate the cost, and we will offer a good price.

We will complete the milling work on time. The work on the milling machine is based on the copying method with the help of CNC (numerical control) and requires special training of the operator.

Our company always meets customers needs, looks for compromises in difficult situations and never violates its obligations to the customer.

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