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Power quality recorder is designed to:

    • measure, register, process, accumulate and store operative (updated) and long-term (long storage) information about parameters of electric power in power supply networks of single-phase alternating current with rated voltage of 220 V and frequency of 50 Hz;
    • program processing and analysis of the collected information, results in a form of text messages, diagrams, tables;


    1. RE-01 measures value of input (actual) voltage up to 286 V. Limits of a marginal absolute error during measuring of input voltage are ± 1,1 V.
    2. The logger measures frequency of single-phase alternating current mains in a range from 45 Hz to 55 Hz. Limits of a marginal absolute error during frequency measuring in the single-phase alternating current mains are not more than ± 0,02 Hz.
    3. Total power consumed by the RE-01 is not more than 4 VA.
    4. Dimensions: 40x100x180 mm.
    5. Weight: 0,7 kg.
    6. Data from SD card is processed with software to get the following calculations of parameters of the electric power quality in ranges and with marginal errors as specified in tab. 1.

Measured criteria
of electric power quality
SymbolRangeLimits of tolerable error
Absolute/Relative, %
Averaging interval, s
Steady-state voltage deviation, %δUуfrom –30
to +30
± 10%60
Frequency deviation, Hz∆ffrom –5
to +5
± 0,02/-20
Coefficient of the nth harmonic component of voltage, %КU(n)from 0,05
to 30
± 0,05 at
КU(n) < 1 %/± 5 at
КU(n) ≥ 1 %

Distortion factor of sinusoidal voltage, %КUfrom 0,1 to 30± 0,1 at
КU < 1%/
± 10 at
КU ≥ 1%

Ratio of temporary overvoltage, rel. unitsКперUfrom 1,1
to 1,3
± 0,022/--
Depth of off-peak, %δUfrom 10 to 30± 1/--
Off-peak period, s∆tnfrom 0,01
to 60
± 0,01/--
Overvoltage period, s∆tперfrom 0,01
to 60

    1. Storage of measured and calculated values on an SD card ( 2 GB  which allows 168 hours (7 days of recording. On demand recording capacity can be increased).
    2. Power & Energy Logger makes measurements and a data recording with real time referencing (error of not more than± 5 s/day). Stored information on SD card carries results of measurements and exact time when they have been done: date (yyyy/mm/dd), hours, minutes.
    3. Power & Energy Logger has a direct safe connection with the external devices for data processing.
    4. RE-01 keeps its technical characteristics under power (220±66) V and frequency of (50±5) Hz, and while mains voltage switching-off from internal autonomous source of direct current.
    5. Average service life is 15 years.

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