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Power amplifier UA Y6-2000 is intended for power amplification of signals in the frequency range from 0,1 MHz to 2000 MHz.

It is used for adjustment, test, verification and calibration of measuring and radio equipment in various areas: broadcasting, radio communication (including mobile), TV, HF and UHF radio-measurement devices.

Frequency range0,1 – 2000 MHz
Amplification factor of input signal, not less23 dB
Maximum power of output signal, not more:
- in the frequency range 0,1 – 300 MHz
- in the frequency range 300 – 1200 MHz
- in the frequency range 1200 – 2000 MHz
2 W (33 dBm)
1 W (30 dBm)
0,5 W (27 dBm)
Level of harmonic components, not moreminus 20 dBc
Impedance of output and input connectors50 Ohm
Voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) of inputs, not more2,2
Supply(187-242) V, 50 Hz
(187-242) V, 400 Hz
(110±5,5) V, 400 Hz
Power consumption, not more45 V∙A
Overall dimensions368х88х392 mm
Weight4,1 kg

An estimated price is 28 000 UAH. with VAT. Contact us to get an exact price.

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