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Signal generator UA G4-301 is intended to generate precision signals in a frequency range 0,1 – 1200 MHz, in modes of unmodulated oscillations, amplitude, frequency and pulse modulation.

Device is applied to adjust, test, check and calibrate measuring and radio equipment for various purposes- broadcasting, radio communication, cell, TV, HF and UHF radio measuring equipment.


Frequency range, MHz0,1 – 1200
Frequency on LF output, khz0,005 – 100
Discreteness of frequency setting, Hz1
Relative error of frequency setting, not exceed2·10-7
Setting error of the reference level of power, dB±1
Variation range of output power, dBmfrom –127 to +13
Level of harmonic / non-harmonic components in the spectrum of an output signal, dBc–30/60
Spectral density of a phase noise at detuning 20 kHz, dB/Hz, not exceedfrom –130 to –112
Operation modesunmodulated oscillations, internal and external modulation: AM, FM, PM
InterfacesRS232-C and IEEE-488
Power consumption, VA70
Dimensions, mm372x177x394
Weight, kg 1414

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