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(interface of the software developed by JSC  Meridian n. S.P. Korolov)


Anemometer measures the horizontal wind speed (velocity) and its direction in different climatic zones especially in icing-prone regions. It works independently or as an instrument of an automatic weather station. It can be completed with control and information software, and also with meteorological mast.

It is designed with traditional sensitive elements such as a wind-vane and a hemispherical cup wheel.

A principle of primary transformation is Hall Effect sensors. Anemometer is designed like a cantilever with sensors operating apart.

Each sensitive element of sensors is equipped with a heater. Power supply of the heaters is carried out through rotary transformers. Voltage supply of heaters comes through a converter located on a cantilever of sensor unit or built-in into each sensor, depending on necessary heating power. Heating is switched on and controlled with commands from a main weather station. The controller is installed on the top of a meteorological mast with a power unit at its basis.

Technical data

Speed band, mps0.9 – 60
Directional resolution efficiency, degree 1RS-232 or V.21 (in double-wire line with length of up to 10km)
Communication interface with a main weather station80
Min. heating power (only sensitive elements of sensors), W80

An estimated price is 265 000 UAH. with VAT. Contact us to get an exact price.

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