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MLME is designed for checking measuring devices in its operating site.

It consists of two mobile complete sets YА2-4/А and YА2-4/B to fulfill necessary functions on the basis of KrAZ truck vans (on demand laboratory can be adjusted to another type of a van).


Carries out metrological maintenance of the equipment of radio-technical measurements:

  • electronic frequency meters, synthesizers and frequency comparators;
  • spectrum analyzers, oscilloscopes;
  • pulse voltmeters;
  • reflectometers;
  • LF, HF, pulse generators;
  • nonlinear distortion meters;
  • LF and HF amplifiers;
  • amplitude-frequency response meters;
  • full resistance meters.


Carries out metrological maintenance of the equipment of a full spectrum electric and not electric measurements:

  • needle and reed frequency meters;
  • ohmmeters, megaohmmeters;
  • d.c., a.c. and universal voltmeters
  • d.c. and a.c. ammeters;
  • resistance boxes
  • pressure measuring equipment;
  • time measuring equipment;
  • measuring equipment of linear-angular quantities;
  • weight measuring equipment;
  • volume measuring equipment.

The laboratory is equipped with life-support systems, including air-conditioning, heating, ventilation which allow to maintain comfortable inside temperature (20±5)ºС and operate in temperature rate -30ºС to +40ºС.

The chassis of the all-wheel drive truck provides reliable moving of laboratory on roads of any category.

Call our experts and find out more about laboratory options / configurations and its cost according to the tasks you have.

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