Our Services

  • Machining of metal:
    • Processing of sheet material by laser cutting, thickness from 0.5 to 16 mm;
    • Processing of sheet material by cold pressing, thickness up to 12 mm
    • Welding of all kinds and types;
    • Cutting of metal with thickness of up to 13 mm and width of up to 3150 mm;
    • Machining on CNC machines, etc .;
    • Fabrication of metalwork;
    • Lathe work;
    • Milling work;
    • Production of euro pallets;
    • Grinding and polishing of small parts.
  • Moulding of plastic parts
    Manufacturing of products weighing up to 1.4 kg of the following materials:
    • polystyrene;
    • polyethylene;
    • polypropylene;
    • ABC plastic, PVC;
    • glass polyamide
  • Electroplating and paint coating
    • Electrolytic galvanizing of metal products, parts and assemblies up to 1.5 m, followed by iris or blue passivation, according to European standard DIN EN 12329;
    • Multi-layer protective and decorative copper-nickel-chrome coating of steel parts with preliminary grinding and polishing the surface;
    • Recoating of corroded parts and assemblies of retro cars under the scheme:
      • removing the old coating;
      • grinding and polishing;
      • coating "copper-nickel-chromium"
    • Solid heavy chrome plating of steel parts up to 1,0 m;
    • Chrome plating of heavy shaped moulds with using of additional anodes;
    • Tin-cadmium alloy coating of steel, aluminium and copper parts;
    • Chemical nickel plating of aluminium, copper and steel parts;
    • Chemical oxidation (blueing) of steel parts;
    • Electrochemical oxidation (anodization) of aluminium parts with painting of film;
    • Chemical oxidation (chem. ox. fluorine) of aluminium parts;
    • Deburring in a rotary vibrator R-220 of German company Rösler;;
    • Painting of parts and assemblies by powder paints according to the European colour scale RAL;
    • Production of the front panel of devices, information plates and nameplates by stencil screen printing;
    • Applying a solder mask on the surface of printed circuit boards using phototypesetting of German company Atotech.
  • Recycling of precious metals:
    • Mechanical and chemical processing of scrap and waste containing silver, gold, palladium, platinum. The minimum percentage of the precious metals – 0,1 %;
    • Casting of silver, gold and production of silver anodes;
    • Refining of silver to 999.0;
    • Recycling of electrolytes and solutions containing gold, silver, palladium, platinum;
    • Production of palladium chloride to produce activation solutions and electrolytes for palladium coating;
    • Covering of parts with gold, silver, nickel, copper;
    • Toning of copper and silver coatings under the "old days";
    • Restoration of antiques;
    • Manufacture of parts by methode of galvanoplasty (copper and silver copies)..
  • Tool making:
    • Stamps;
    • Casting moulds;
    • Press moulds;
    • Measuring tools;
    • Die inserts;
    • Cold heading tools;
    • Repair of all types of machining attachments.
  • Radio electronic equipment
    • Complicated electronic and household appliances;
    • Cable-knotted products;
    • Hank components (transformers, chokes).
  • Warranty and post-warranty repairs
  • Organization and holding of exhibitions, conferences
    • Services for the organization of participation and visiting of the leading international exhibitions;
    • Services for the organization of seminars and conferences of foreign firms for heads and specialists of Ukrainian enterprises;
    • Leasing of premises and equipment;
    • Hotel accommodation;
    • Catering, buffet tables.
  • Tests of equipment and a wide range of materials
  • Rent of conference halls
  • Capacity of 210 people and 40 people, area of 240 sqm and 90 sqm, with room for a coffee break with area of 50 sqm

      Rooms are equipped with:

      • - Ventilation and air conditioning,
      • - Multimedia projector,
      • - Portable screen,
      • - Desktop microphone,
      • - Wireless microphones.

    • To view the halls, download photo1 photo2

      The cost is negotiable.

    Organization of participation and visiting international exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad, business trips:

    • - Assistance in receiving the invitation and visa;
    • - Booking and purchase of air, rail, bus tickets;
    • - Accommodation in a hotel or private sector;
    • - Transport services in the place of stay;
    • - Purchase of tickets to the exhibition;
    • - Ordering of the exhibition area;
    • - Construction of the stand;
    • - Lease of exhibition equipment;
    • - Company advertising during the exhibition time;
    • - Services of interpreter, guide;
    • - Organization of business meetings, presentations, conferences;
    • - Organization of cultural programs and excursions



























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