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Rider BIK

Rider BIK


BIK reader is a reading device for BIK key. It is intended for unequivocal identification and authentication of user and personification of computer equipment by means of built-in system of reading of a code combination from ¬≤  key.

The personification complex (reader + key + software) makes impossible the access to confidential files which are saved on the computerís hard disk.


  • By means of BIK reader is possible to solve following problems:
    • Creation of complete decoding-resistant password on the basis of simple (it isnít necessary to remember complete passwords anymore);
    • Stealthy, fast and convenient input of a code;
    • Protection of channel of transfer of a code in the computer;
    • Possibility to change easily a code combination manually;
    • Full integration into operational system;
    • An authenticator is not the key, but the combination typed on it.

For realisation of work of a complex it is necessary to install the special program which contains on a compact disc including in the complete set of delivery.




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